Hybrid Mail is a "Bridge" technology, combining the ancient service/technology of physical mail delivery with the modern technology of PC's and the Internet.The "Bridge" eliminates the requirement for delivering mail vast distances substituting digital delivery for conventional airplanes, ships and trucks.
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Unfortunately, effective 10/1/2013 the commercial Superletter service will cease. The service had been maintained for the last twelve months to enable US Marines to send letters home to friends and family as the Motomail service was one- way only. With the suspension of Motomail, which enabled family and friends to send letters to Marines on board Navy Ships and to FOBs in Afghanistan, we are no longer able to provide this service. We are very sorry for this turn of events and thank you for your past patronage."

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In the fall of 1999, the SuperLetter Team was approached by the British Forces Post Office to discuss using the SuperLetter service to replace an existing hybrid mail service called e-Bluey. First conceived of by Brigadier Barry Cash, Chief Executive of the British Forces Post Office and implimented by Royal Mail as Relay One, SuperLetter was to provide the software and service that greatly enhanced the existing system.  After the launch of the SuperLetter powered e-Bluey, the service, although initially off to a slow start began to gain a loyal following and increasing popularity and in 2001 won the World Mail Award in 2001 beating out makor entiries from USPS and DHL. The first"war time" test was during initial deployment to Afghanistan and the system proved itself as rugged, dependable and effective.